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28 01 2011

I have been contacted by Lord Coconut, aka Mark Boldiston, to publish the below information about retail opportunity for jewellers of pieces for men. I think it’s a great initiative!


Contemporary, handmade, male jewellery and cufflinks for new retail showroom and gallery in Melbourne CBD

Store Name:
LORD COCONUT – Jewellery/Cufflinks/Art – Handcrafted and designed for men

Carlow House (cnr Flinders Lane and Elizabeth Street)

Fit out:
Inspired by Victorian era natural history museum with a contemporary twist

Melbourne has a reputation as a world leader in contemporary craft and jewellery design. The LORD COCONUT retail showroom and gallery wishes to build on this reputation by working closely with local artisans like yourself to provide an opportunity for you to expand or move into the male jewellery market. LORD COCONUT will be the only Melbourne retailer focusing on the male jewellery market.

Although not all jewellers currently design and produce for the male market (and those who do often only produce a limited range), LORD COCONUT hopes our store will provide you with an opportunity to expand your jewellery range and provide an extra revenue stream to ensure that your career as a jewellery designer and manufacturer is as successful as we hope our store will be. Stock will be held on consignment with monthly payment.

April 2011

If you are an innovative jeweller/artisan who wishes to discuss how to be involved in this outstanding opportunity, please contact Mark Boldiston on 0450 015 263, 03 9650 0963 or

A basic website has been established and can be found at This will be expanded upon in the coming months and offer online purchases.

You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The store allows me to focus extensively on a number of potential markets which include:
– weddings (especially focusing on cufflinks for wedding parties)
– professionals (eg. professional graduations/membership ceremonies etc)
– tourists
– cultural

A comprehensive marketing plan is currently being developed and is backed by a significant marketing budget.

Please feel free to contact me via any of the methods listed below as I look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship.


Again, as I’ve done before, for the formal caveat bit: this is not an endorsement, simply information; I have no connection with this opportunity or those involved; and while I have no reason to doubt it’s completely genuine and fabulous, I have done no personal research to validate content… boring and horrible I know, and it’s not meant in any way to detract from the exciting possibility of the opportunity, but I feel better that such things are made clear.

Best of luck Mark!



3 responses

28 01 2011

Brilliant! I have a few gentleman friends who will totally love this…

28 01 2011

I know – me too! I’ve often wanted to commission cufflinks …

28 01 2011
lord coconut

Thanks Karen for the support and the blurb.

I’ll keep you updated on how Lord Coconut progresses.


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