NGV Jewellery collection

7 01 2011

New Years Day – a visit to the NGV International was in order, as I haven’t been for some time.

Can I tell you how disappointed I was to see that the jewellery cabinet still has the same group of works that was there in April 2009 (more images in this post). That’s almost 20 months without evolution or change to the display. How sad for a city that has such a strong jewellery community.

When I visited the store-room in the NGV International with Amanda Dunmore in March 2010, I recall her mentioning that the huge hail storm that occurred that month would more than likely affect the rotation of future display schedule, as staff were needed to assist with conservation and helping with the impacts of the damage caused by the storm (but almost a year later now, I cannot remember the exact details of how much damage the water had made).

I hope the display is updated soon!

The only good point I took out of the visit is the colourful and joyful ring by Karl Fritsch – seeing it after visiting his exhibition (with Robert Baines and Gerd Rothmann) at Tarrawarra recently, put it in more context. However, the low lighting, and not being able to take photographs with flash (and yes, also given I haven’t yet worked out the best way to take such images with my little camera), means I have a more ‘artsy’ shot than intended!

photograph taken without flash, under gallery conditions




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