‘Places and Pieces’ @ Craft Vic

24 12 2010

I popped into Craft Victoria to buy a gift for a lovely friend, and noticed the enCounter window.

It looked so wonderful from the below-level shop …

photograph taken with permission

It’s called ‘Places and Pieces‘ …and I was so excited to meet my friend that I completely forgot to look at the window more closely as I walked away.

Exhibition media: “Places and Pieces is a joint Craft Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria project developed to engage a wide range of students and community members in the craft of jewellery making.
While the idea of ‘Place’ can be interpreted in many ways, within this project artists and participants have been guided by one common definition and directive – to create works commenting on, materially connected to and reflective of their own notion of ‘place’ in geographic and personal terms.  Led by three makers from Craft Victoria’s professional membership base, students and emerging communities within Bendigo and Castlemaine have been encouraged to explore and develop their creative skills via the production of jewellery pieces constructed from non-precious material found within their own localities.

I’ll have another look again soon and write more.

Pieces and Places‘ is at Craft Victoria until 6th January 2011.



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