Michaela Bruton ‘oomph trajectories’ @ Sofitel

18 12 2010

It’s only a small group of three works, two ink drawings and one silversmithing object, but Micheala Bruton’s show ‘oomph trajectories‘, in the lobby of the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, is lovely.

Exhibition media: “In this work Michaela examines how movement and rhythm can be generated through repetitive pattern, and whether this can create an illusion of life or ‘oomph’ in otherwise inanimate forms. The essence of time and hand made processes is reflected through works that pursue repetitious detailing.


Below is a signficant object of fine metalwork, his name is ‘Omar’. The detail and amount of work in this is extraordinary!

His beak is ‘mosasaur tooth’, which I had to look up and found it’s from a large extinct marine lizard.

Michaela was the winner of Craft Victoria’s ‘Fresh!‘ last year (my post here), and this exhibition has been supported by that award.


For more about Michaela, read Craft Vic blog story here; and some photos of opening night on Alice Euphemia here.

oomph trajectories‘ is at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins until 1st March 2011.



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