Making: fail

8 12 2010

I’m a bit annoyed and sad. My life has been so ridiculously busy the last few months, that I have unfortunately had to decline the invitation to contribute pieces to Studio 20/17 ‘Unwrapped‘ exhibition.

Something just had to give… Boo.

I had been playing with making frames which I was going to powdercoat and wrap in woven paper and silver.

photograph used in Zoe Brand guest post; click for her post

I had made earrings where I would usually make only brooches, as I remember that during my visit to Metalab in Sydney in September Nina mentioned that Sydney was more an earring type place than a brooch audience. I was thinking of powdercoating them in a bright yolk yellow, and wrapping around and around in similar colour yellow paper woven with fine silver cloisonné wire in very thin long strips.

The rectangular brooch was going to be a black frame with a single panel:

close up of some new weaving

And the third, slightly wonky brooch, was probably going to be a starkly bright pink – as strong a hue as the yolk yellow – again wound with a long thin (but not as thin as the earring paper) strip of matching paper/silver weave.

They’re still likely to be made, but it feels such a shame I couldn’t get them made in time to join the other artists at Studio 20/17.



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