‘Fresh!’ 2010 @ Craft Victoria

6 12 2010

It’s that time of year again – time to visit Craft Victoria to see the selected art graduate works at ‘Fresh!’.

photograph taken with gallery permission

I sensed a connection or a kind of cohesion among the pieces here … I haven’t been able to find the exact word to describe what it is, but many of the pieces had a vibe not quite vintage or distressed, not quite found-object, but perhaps more like being pre-loved. I thought perhaps this spoke to a predisposition of the judges, as the collection was surprisingly harmonious for an exhibition sourced from individuals who made their work in their own way.

photograph taken with gallery permission

My favourite group was by Inari KiuruLet us be lovers: New Jersey industrial landscapes‘ (above) – which should be of no surprise to regular readers. I particularly liked the blue piece second from the right.

Another piece I appreciated, and which actually provoked quite an emotional response in me, was the back wall covered in plaster moulds of empty contraceptive pill packets – Isabel Holloway ‘All the babies we never had‘ (below).

photograph taken with gallery permission

My earlier post listed the artists participating, and below are the award winners – congratulations!

  • Fresh!‘ Award: Thomas Llewellyn
  • TAIT Design mentorship: Inari Kiuru
  • Sofitel Melbourne on Collins: Robyn Hosking
  • Studio Round: Inari Kiuru
  • Green Magazine: Thomas Llewellyn
  • Artichoke: Boe-Lin Bastian
  • Northcote Pottery Supplies: Robyn Hosking
  • Screaming Pixel: Isabel Holloway

Last year’s exhibition post is here.

Fresh!‘ 2010 is at Craft Victoria until 24th December 2010.



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