Summer Master Class: Manon Van Kouswijk

29 11 2010

A quick post to pass on information about a Summer Master Class at RMIT with Manon Van KouswijkLongings and Belongings‘.

Dates: 21 – 25 February 2011
Fee: $695

Description: “How do objects define us?
This workshop will focus on the value and meaning that jewellery (and other precious objects) represent and the way in which these things often mark significant events and moments in daily life such as birth, birthdays, victory, weddings and death. The different roles that objects play in these rituals, as gifts, souvenirs and heirlooms, will also be discussed. The aim of the workshop is to both open up the possibilities of this universal subject matter, of which the history of contemporary jewellery is only a tiny little part, and at the same time to look at how each individual maker can define their personal approach, to makes sense of who they are and where they come from, as an expression of their place and their own time.
What is it that interests you in jewellery? Let’s find out

Further information see link here. This looks so interesting … now I wonder if I can get more time off work …



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