Jewellery in songs

6 11 2010

I’ve been ripping my CDs onto my lovely computron, to put onto my iNana (deliberate misspelling, I am a late adaptor, just like my Nana), and have noticed only a couple of songs have titles referencing jewellery. Now I don’t have a vast collection of music (something over 2000 songs), but these are the ones I found among mine …

  • Precious‘, Annie Lennox
  • Golden Slumbers‘, ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer‘, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds‘, Beatles
  • Mojo Pin‘, Jeff Buckley
  • Constant in Opal‘, The Church
  • Velvet Goldmine‘, David Bowie
  • Love over Gold‘, Dire Straits
  • Silver Springs‘, ‘The Chain‘, ‘Gold Dust Woman‘, Fleetwood Mac
  • Diamonds on the Inside‘, Ben Harper
  • Shine on You Crazy Diamond‘, Pink Floyd
  • Mother of Pearl‘, Roxy Music
  • This Charming Man‘, The Smiths
  • Rubylove‘, Cat Stevens
  • Fields of Gold‘, Sting
  • Precious Things‘, Tori Amos



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8 11 2010

Here’s my favourite jewellery reference in music. I have used it as an artist statement quite a few times now, so much more eloquent and evocative than I could be!

‘we finally made it. On a hill top at 4am. The whole city is your jewellery box, a million
twinkling streetlights… Reach out and take what you want, you can have it all’
lyrics by Jarvis Cocker from Sheffield Sex City by Pulp

8 11 2010

Diamonds & Pearls – Prince
Diamonds are a girls best friend – Marilyn Monroe’s famous song
and thats all i have

8 11 2010

thank you ladies!

13 11 2010

Took my diamond to the pawnshop, but ‘that don’t make it junk’ – Leonard Cohen

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