‘Got a Nice Ring to it’ @ RMIT First Site Gallery

1 11 2010

I enjoy this time of year – visiting the many year-end university fine art exhibitions. ‘Got a Nice Ring to it‘ is the RMIT First and Second year exhibition, at RMIT First Site Gallery; the graduating (third-year) group has a separate exhibition (listed on the calendar).

photograph taken with permission

The artists are listed below (in alphabetical order, taken from the works list [which I accidentally walked away with when I should have left it at the gallery – so sorry!]):

First Year: Bridget Barnes, Isobel Fish, Annie Gobel, Kusi Kim, Breanna Lee Timmins, Chris Massey, Ally McNaughton, Lindy McSwan, Thomas O’Hara, Stephen Robb, Elise Sheehan, Lena Danli Sun, Nat Underwood, Esther Weinberg

Second Year: Ruby Aitchison, Rebecca Bartha, Catrine Berlatier, Katie Jayne Britchford, Clementine Edwards, Rachel Fares, Yaz Hackett, Wendy Korol, Lin Lin, Ev Liong, Kendra Nugent, Joelle Peters, Khyran Randall-Demllo, Sarah Wallace, Aurelia Yeomans

photograph taken with permission

I was so excited to see the return of the teapot this year! Especially the bright orange ‘Seahorse Friend‘ by Joelle Peters (in the background of the below image), and the ‘Spookey’s Teapot‘ in blackened mild steel by Sarah Wallce (in the mid-ground of the image below).

Pieces that particularly took my attention were:

  • Catrine Berlatier ‘Strength‘ and ‘Resiliance‘ brooches; the bamboo is employed beautifully, and there’s a maturity and quietness about these that is lovely; I especially liked the use of kuem-boo
  • Katie Jayne Britchford ‘Small and Large‘ brooches; simple looking pieces but a truly beautiful combination of materials with no unnecessary complications; Katie has blogged about these on her site
  • Elise Sheehan ‘Respond to the Line, Previously Provided

photograph taken with permission

Last year’s exhibition was ‘Found in Translation‘, see my post here. This year’s exhibition is in a smaller space, which unfortunately does means fewer pieces from each artist (63 this year, versus 109 last year).

Got a Nice Ring to it‘ is at RMIT First Site Gallery until 6th November – it’s a short span of time, so get along fast!



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