RMIT Year 1, Semester 2, Jewellery #3

27 10 2010

First year, second semester, Jewellery, project #3: ‘Sounds like?’

The aim of the project was ‘to make a sound, relate to sound, relate to the ear‘. The technical exercises attached to the project were earring hooks and butterflies.

I started with the idea of synesthesia – where people experience a mixture of the senses, particularly colour associated with music. I had wanted to experiment with translating music into colour on paper and in metal/enamel … but I couldn’t connect with it, because I don’t experience it myself.

The next idea was the cochlear implant … perhaps seems random, but the ear link was a necessary part of the project. I found this cool image while I was researching…

originally from ... but no longer active webpage

I wanted to make a metal shell, in fine thin silver and then cut it in parts like the image … but the only way seemed possible at the time was to use chenier and to form it was just beyond me in first year.

As I was trying to nut out the mechanics of possible construction alternatives (during an art theory lecture … they were awful!), I was doodling the contours of a shell and it dawned on me that the drawing looked like a collection of discs … like the piece I eventually made below.

shell pin; original image by Mark Kral; not to be reproduced without permission

I was in love with enamelling at the time, so thought that was the best way to add colour.

Unfortunately the weight of the pin is such that it’s not feasible to wear horizontally, and is best on sturdy fabrics (like jackets) … but I like the shape of the sweep of the pin.

shell pin; original image by Mark Kral; not to be reproduced without permission

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