Foolish diamonds

25 10 2010

What on earth is happening lately! Three stories in the last week that all have employed diamonds in a fairly unimpressive fashion.

1. Diamonds on Barbie – sold at auction recently for US$302k, with proceeds to go to breast cancer research … so the cause is important and worthy, but diamonds on a barbie doll?

from Telegraph; photograph by Tim Stewart; click on image to go through to the original source

2. Diamond brassiere – Victoria Secret’s annual diamond fantasy bra, this year with a price tag of US$2m … who buys these things?!


3. Diamond teeth – oh seriously! I can’t even believe this is possibly true, probably isn’t; but some ‘rapper’ (yes, that’s a pseudo-musician of the modern age) has apparently replaced his bottom teeth because diamonds ‘were cooler‘ … oh dear




One response

30 10 2010
Mark Holsworth

Who buys this stuff? Who buys diamonds without details about where they are sourced? Why diamonds anyway – apart from the massive deBere’s marketing campaign what is the attraction of the stone? And why not a diamond engagement ring for Barbie? You know that she’s always wanted one because the classic Barbie has a hole in her hand for a ring. Who and Why?!!

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