RMIT Year 1, Semester 2, Jewellery #2

12 10 2010

First year, second semester, Jewellery, project #2: project in a day, ’Tag Me’

While we were given notice of this project (I think it may have been a few weeks so we could design and collect materials?), we only had a day to make our piece (5 studio hours). The concept was “to make a tag in a day which reflects the labels we use everyday as part of social commentary“.

The idea is more interesting to me now that I think it was at the time. I really felt the restriction of the day-only limit, and perhaps underestimated the skills I could have employed in that time. So in the end I was pretty disappointed in the outcome – too simple and not interesting at all.


Tag Me piece; amended copyright notice: not to be reproduced without permission


I found myself more excited about how others in my class interpreted the brief than my own direction. In particular, this is the project that I first saw Cassandra Chilton make a silhouette piece – layering beautifully hand-saw-pierced perspex to reference the Victorian silhouette portraiture; which later evolved to insects and such (her pieces are in Houndstooth restaurant in Fitzroy; she is also a highly respected architect; and one of the Hotham Street Ladies).


Cassandra Chilton; from a distance looks like flies; winner of City of Hobart Art Prize 2006; click on image to link through to original source


I envy that Cass was so creative and found an idea that really went somewhere.

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