Six lists of three

8 10 2010

Three things I wanted to be when I was growing up:

  • architect
  • astronomer
  • archeologist

Three things I would miss if they were no longer there:

  • sunshine
  • sad music
  • love

Three things I want next week:

  • rest
  • peace
  • more time

Three CDs I’ve been listening to recently:

  • Brett Anderson (self-titled)
  • Eddie Vedder ‘Into the Wild’
  • … lots of others really

Three books:

  • just read: ‘The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science‘ Richard Holmes
  • am reading: ‘Unweaving the Rainbow‘ Richard Dawkins
  • will read: ‘Recollections of the Alhambra‘ Washington Irving

Three words / phrases I like this week:

  • winter
  • “I am the dust / you are the rain” (from Brett Anderson)
  • … I’ve often been lost for words this week…



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