Am I really a maker?

6 10 2010

Am I a maker if…

  • I don’t make full-time, or even every day, or every second day, or …
  • I sometimes spend months and months vaguely thinking about making, but not actually making with my hands
  • I don’t feel that I have a compulsion to make, nor think of making all the time
  • I’m sometimes downright resistant to turning ideas into actual physical objects
  • I have trouble finding focus or the seed of an idea now that I’m without formal university assignments, or course projects, or with a tight exhibition brief, or the inertia of a longer-term development
  • I sometimes wonder if I can call myself a maker or artist (or other terminology) at all
  • … but I still wish I could make full-time (ie. not work in an office)
  • … and enjoy it when I’m working on something exciting …

So, to answer … I think so … maybe.

Do you often wonder if you’re really a maker??
Do you still want to be a maker when you “grow up” too??


some new weaving ... yes, slightly out of focus (still figuring out the macro lens!)

Update (7th October): in an interesting coincidence, Liana Kabel has also written about the need for change … and for me it reflected by thoughts about the flux of making vs. not making, and the questioning of direction.




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