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28 09 2010

After trialling three different levels of ‘blog’ categories in my Links page, I have decided it’s time to update and migrate them. So the following have moved … just in case you were worried!

from Blogs #3 (just started) to Blogs #1 (current) – excellent to see the more regular posting!

the following are in danger of being moved from Blogs #1 (current) to Blogs #2 (in hibernation), but not just yet

also, most importantly, I have found some more blogs – some new, some I just hadn’t seen before (I did spend hours searching the net to find these, so if you know of others, please please do let me know!)

Finally, I’m considering if there’s in fact a time when a blog ought be moved out entirely, even from Blogs #2 (in hibernation) … if a blog hasn’t been updated for over 12 months, is it really of interest? Perhaps it is… what are your thoughts?



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29 09 2010

Other blogs I read – (from the US)
Michelle Kelly’s blog –
Jin ah’s periodically update blog –
and of course Damian on the AJF blog.

6 10 2010


hmm.. I think if somebody only updates the blog every 6 months it isn’t really of interest.. I like seeing what somebody is up to now and not waiting ages for the next installment 😉

It would be good if there was some way of sharing google reader subscriptions… I’m sure there are blogs I follow from the UK that you’d enjoy but it seems like such a task to trawl through the 400+ blogs to find the ones that update! Suppose that’s the good thing about only shows you the updates.

I do enjoy your blog round-ups, it’s great to see all the new ones you find. I’ll try and find some good links to leave here! (:


6 10 2010

Thanks Holly!

I agree – while readers like google and netvibes are good, I haven’t yet found a way of sharing my listing (I use netvibes) with someone else or just getting a simple text listing of all the sites in my reader … Actually, I know someone who is very much into such things, so I’ll ask them and let you know if I find out a way of sharing such things…

New links are always welcome 🙂

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