Sydney visit, part #2, Studio 20/17

22 09 2010

With this gallery being the first to invite me to join a group exhibition since I graduated university, in ‘Feast‘ curated by Zoe Brand (see many my posts here), and then the subsequent ‘Winter Brooches‘ (here), a visit to Studio 20/17 was a must-do on my recent whirl-wind trip to Sydney.

Studio 20/17; photograph taken with permission

After walking from my hotel in the centre of Sydney (yes it took a little while, but it was such a gorgeous morning!), I met the lovely Bridget, who was so generous with her time. We spoke about the space, the wider environment it is in (in a great contemporary art complex) and her work practice.

It was great to be exposed to some Sydney-based jewellers’ work – in doing so, I realised just how Melbourne-centric my maker knowledge is (naturally enough really!).

My favourite piece spotted during the visit was a pale-blue dipped pin by Lina Peterson. In this piece a combination of copper wiring and crystals are dipped in brightly coloured plastic.

I meant to but forgot to ask about the name – can anyone tell me why it’s called 20/17?



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22 09 2010

2017 – is the post-code for Waterloo, which is the suburb that the gallery is in.

22 09 2010

Mmm…. so obvious I’m not from Sydney!

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