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15 09 2010

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Updates for September 2010:

9th September: Gaffa Gallery, Ten More Girls, ‘Girls Around the World‘ [link]; until 21st September

14th September: RMIT First Site Gallery, “Re-Visions: New Art from Old” [link]; “Helen Dilkes, Sarah Edwards and Charlene King re-vision JMW Turner’s 1884 painting Rain, Steam and Speed – the Great Western Railway. Turner’s depiction of a train hurtling at speed through the rain contains elements that are evident in each of the artists’ current practices: nature, sensation, time and history. Helen, Sarah and Charlene utilise installation, drawing, and gold & silversmithing to respond to Turner’s masterpiece. Statement written by the Artist“; until 25th September

exhibition media

16th September: RMIT Postgraduate information session:  Postgraduate degrees offered by the School of Art, RMIT University in 2011.
Please be advised that there will be an information session about postgraduate degrees (by research and MFA by coursework) offered by the School of Art, RMIT University in 2011. Dr Keely Macarow will speak about the Postgraduate research degrees, and Sally Mannall will speak about the MFA Coursework degree. Please attend this presentation if you are interested in pursuing further studies at RMIT. All welcome.
When: Thursday 16th September at 2.30 pm; Where: Gossard building, Level 3, Building 49, Franklin St, Melbourne.

23rd September: RMIT Fine Art Photography Fundraiser, fortyfive downstairs [link]

27th September: last day for BUDA expressions of interest [link]

now for October 2010

all month

  • NGV (International) ‘Lace in Fashion‘ [link]; until 23rd January 2011

1st October: last day for application to Talente 2011 [link] and Schmuck [link]

1st October: last day for application to Siemens Awards [link] (updated 19th Sep)

3rd October: ‘Part B‘ Melbourne jeweller gathering, organised by the super-active Melissa Cameron; a special edition, as a part of Mari Funaki’s show Objects at the NGV there is an extensive programme of events, so Part B is planning to have a chat after Otto Künzli concludes his Lecture: With Mari, which takes place from 2:30pm [tickets only, so you have to ring the gallery to purchase a ticket beforehand]

3rd October: last day for Griffith City Council 2010 National Contemporary Jewellery exhibition and awards, Griffith Regional Art Gallery [link]

4th October: last day for submissions to be involved in RMIT presentation ‘Making Objects Personal‘ [link] which will be run 27/28th October; “Coordinated by Professor Robert Baines of RMIT School of Art and RMIT Design Institute, this two day seminar will look at how a crafted object can be the bearer of cultural and historical meaning and memory.

5th October: Gallery Funaki, ‘Leonids and Fumerols’ Jewellery by Therese Hilbert and Otto Künzli [link]; opening night 6-8pm, both artists will be present; until 30th October (updated 25th Sept)

exhibition media (click on image for original source)

8th – 10th October: workshop at Griffith University, Brisbane (thanks to Melissa Cameron for the info): Plique a Jour enamel on a Jewellery Scale with Jill Parnell; “Plique a Jour is a technique of firing enamel into small backless openings the result of which is reminiscent of leadlight windows, as the light will pass through transparent enamel. There are several methods of achieving this beautiful but challenging technique.  In this workshop participants will learn the “Russian” method in which all the elements are soldered together on an oxidised stainless steel form.  The enamel is applied to the framework by surface tension.  This is a highly specialised and exacting method and accordingly only modest jewellery scale pieces will be explored in this Master Class held over 3 consecutive days. This is a shorter version of the highly popular 2008 class Jill Parnell taught.

10th October: last day for NGV (International), Winter Masterpieces ‘European Masters: Städel Museum, 19th–20th Century‘ [link]

16th October: workshop at Griffith University, Brisbane (thanks to Melissa Cameron for the info): “Parts of the Story: Composition and Visual Language in making Jewellery and Objects” with Christel van der Laan; “Much of contemporary jewellery is concerned with the personal stories and journey of the maker; works are the culmination of an intense emotional and physical process to give expression to something that is not yet defined. The selection and arrangement of materials to give form to thoughts, feelings and memories, is often the most challenging and exhilarating part of the process of making. … Christel will lead a one day intensive class, the purpose of which is to find ways to express ideas through the spontaneous exploration of new materials and processes.  The emphasis will be on composition and creating a poetic visual language without the constraint of having to make finished works.  In turn this will act as a catalyst for the development of new concepts and stimulate individual practices.

17th October: last day for Craft Victoria, Karla Way and Natalia Milosz-Piekarska ‘Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me‘ [link]; “Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Karla Way come together to present new work investigating the transcendent and transformative capabilities of materials. Amuletic and talismanic objects have long been associated with attracting luck and fortune, protecting from natural and supernatural forces, and radiating powers to benefit the beholder or wearer.

24th October: last day for NGV (Ian Potter): Mari FunakiObjects‘ [link]

26th October: RMIT First Site Gallery, “First and Second Year – Gold and Silversmithing 2010” [link]; until 6th November

29th October: Blanche Tilden at the Canberra Glassworks ‘Fer et Verre‘ [link]; “work is inspired by the pre modernist glass and metal buildings, the Crystal Palace and the Palais de Machines“; until 18th November; the opening night will also be the scene of the lauch of an artist monograph ‘True‘, covering a history of Blanche’s practice as well as a number of essays about her work (updated 19th Sep; thanks to Blanche for the info!)

Palais necklace; image courtesy of the artist

29th October: last day for application to Jam Factory Career Development Plan [link] (updated 19th Sep)

31st October: last day for application for Artist in Residence at Sturt University [link]

If you know of any other jewellery / object exhibitions over the remainder of the year, please let me know by comment or email



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