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3 09 2010

Finally I’ve found time to visit Sydney one Saturday soon. While I’ve lived in Sydney before, that was many years before I was into making jewellery. So, I have a list of galleries to visit, and would love more ideas (though I only have one day, so can’t go everywhere!):

Looking forward to some more to add to the list…



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3 09 2010

How exciting. Let me know when you are up and if you take a late flight back, there will be time for beer and chats. hurrah!

4 09 2010
katie jayne
5 09 2010

Ooh, thank you so much Katie! It looks like it’s closed on Saturday though … damn.

6 09 2010

yep, good luck in a day! we managed metalab and object (very close together) and studio 20/17 (20 min walk from the other 2) in a day, well half a day we admittedly had a very late start after the opening. We also got a great tour through drawers and studios by Mel and Cesar at Metalab, and Bridget showed us through the drawers at 20/17.
Also the contemporary wearables show was on at manly art galleries and museum, along with a show that Nicole was in. Not sure if it is still on tho.

6 09 2010

Sadly Contemporary Wearables and companion exhibition Excessory at Manly Art Gallery just finished. While you are in the Sydney CBD, also pop into COTA (metalab’s retail store) on level 2 of the Strand Arcade. Not sure which day you are planning to come on up, but best bet is between Weds – Saturday as everyone is open! And do make sure you ask to see in the drawers everywhere…

You can do it in a day for sure!

Suggested itinerary: Start in Waterloo at 11am (closest to the airport) then metalab, object (make sure you have yummy lunch somewhere in Surry Hills) bus or walk into the city, COTA, then gaffa, see if you can visit the studios too, tasty cake at the gaffa cafe and then on to the Powerhouse, check if the Inspired exhibition where the small portion of jewellery collection is on display is open before you go – l went recently and it seemed to be closed for a tweak. Or all that in reverse, Powerhouse opens earliest…

Have fun!

6 09 2010

Thanks Mel – super reply! Will process and see what I end up cobbling together 🙂

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