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31 08 2010

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  • NGV (Ian Potter): Mari FunakiObjects‘ [link]; until 24th October
  • NGV (International), Winter Masterpieces ‘European Masters: Städel Museum, 19th–20th Century‘ [link]; until 10th October
  • NGV (International) ‘Lace in Fashion‘ [link]; until 23rd January 2011

30th August – 3rd September: short course at RMIT, ‘The Art of Enamelling‘ by Professor Lindy Darty (USA); $695, 9:30-4:30pm each day [link]

2nd September: Vikki Kassioras and Katherine Bowman (jewellery and drawings) ‘Black, an exhibition‘ at Nicholas Building (level 7, room 10) [link]; part of Melbourne Spring Fashion week; limited opening times (2nd, 3rd, 8th September)

exhibition media

2nd-3rd September: short course at RMIT, ‘Rapid Prototyping for Jewellery and Small Objects‘, by Nicole Jacquard; $290, 9:30am-5:30pm each day [link]

4th September: Part B jewellers gathering (organised by Melissa Cameron), 2pm at Gallery Funaki for the David Neale and Emma Price exhibition (listing below)

4th September: last day for Gallery Funaki, David Neale and Emma Price [link]

4th September: last day for ‘I’ll show you my craft if you show me yours 2‘, exhibition, part of Craft Victoria Craft Cubed festival [link]

4th September: last day for ‘Playing Field‘, group exhibition as part of Craft Victoria Craft Cubed festival [link]; “The exhibition features the work of Anna Davern, Jennifer Bartholomew, Anika Cook, Michael Doolan, Bern Emmerichs, Tim Fleming, Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Greer Honeywill, Ben Pearce and David Ray

5th September: last day for Gallery of South Australia ‘Gray Street Workshop: 25 Years’; “presents the work of well-respected South Australian jewellers and object-makers Catherine Truman, Julie Blyfield and Leslie Matthews” [link]

6th September: last day of Craft Victoria ‘Craft Cubed‘ [link]; “the theme is Childhood. Artists have long engaged with issues associated with childhood, and it is a particularly relevant query today as to what constitutes childhood – how do the different forms and phases of childhood affect the arts, and what is the importance of play?“; there is SO much going on, so check out the website program, and also the satellite events

9th September: Griffith City Council 2010 National Contemporary Jewellery exhibition and awards, Griffith Regional Art Gallery [link]; until 3rd October

9th September: Craft Victoria, Karla Way and Natalia Milosz-Piekarska ‘Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me‘ [link]; “Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Karla Way come together to present new work investigating the transcendent and transformative capabilities of materials. Amuletic and talismanic objects have long been associated with attracting luck and fortune, protecting from natural and supernatural forces, and radiating powers to benefit the beholder or wearer.“; until 17th October

11th September: Craft Victoria ‘Craft Hatch’ market [link]

28th September: Museums Australia fourteenth annual Museums Australia National Conference, ‘Interesting Times: New Roles for Collections‘ [link]; “The conference will be of interest to everyone involved in collecting organisations and institutions of all sizes across the museums sector including staff,  boards and management committees, funding bodies, researchers, students and volunteers from museums, art galleries, libraries, archives and universities.“; until 2nd October

If you know of any other jewellery / object exhibitions during September 2010, please let me know by comment or email

plan ahead for these
[see here for others]:

1st October 2010: last day for application to Talente 2011 [link]

31st October 2010: last day for application for Artist in Residence at Sturt University [link]

link to exhibitions and events on the August 2010 calendar …



4 responses

31 08 2010

And for those older than 30 (who can’t get into Talente) there’s Schmuck

31 08 2010

Hi Melissa
I’ve forgotten it again! Thank you.
I was wondering if the age limit for Talente has actually increased to 35 … I remember someone telling me this, but I dont’ know if it’s really true?

31 08 2010

hey karen, Bad Beasts Do Not harm Me actually opens of the 9th, yay! see you there! x

1 09 2010

Haven’t heard about the age limit being 35. That would be cool – that’s what it is on Preziosa Young so there’s precedent…
Also just remembered another – BUDA expressions of interest by the 27th of September.

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