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26 08 2010

A web-tastic friend has pointed out a video that NMIT have produced to showcase their jewellery courses (though not sure whether it’s new this year, or has been around for a little while).

This is a great video and worth watching by anyone considering studying jewellery at a tertiary institution. The most interesting part for me is their (justified) emphasis on their focus on hand skills; and it also shows their great bench facilities (though having used both NMIT and RMIT studios, I do feel the silversmithing and larger-scale equipment is better at RMIT – personal opinion only!).

The NMIT site also has a static page: NMIT Static Page

A quick search of the other tertiary institution websites turned up:

  • two static pages for RMIT: one for the general degree: RMIT General Fine Arts
  • and one jewellery-specific RMIT G&S (though in my humble opinion, the entire RMIT needs re-working to look fresher).
  • a search of Monash confirms they now seem to be offering a broad-based first year and a more specific second/third year, that includes jewellery: Monash Page
  • Box Hill Tafe also has a static page: Box Hill Tafe page

It seems to me that NMIT has the marketing edge on all of them with the excellent information in their video…

Update (29th August): I’ve changed the layout of this post, removing the full pathnames and replacing them with tidier-looking links.

Update (29th August): on a related note, there is a discussion on Kit and Caboodle about places to learn jewellery-making [here]; of particular interest is Simon Cottrell’s viewpoint.



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29 08 2010
katie jayne

Hi Karen – the NMIT video was made the year I graduated there which was 2007. The jewellery images were of both previous and current students from that year 🙂

29 08 2010

Thanks Katie! It’s much older than I thought, but it’s still much better than the other universities promotional information.

30 08 2010
Cameron Bailey

Thanks for the compliments on the website. Yes the video is “old”, we do update them on a rotating basis using our TV students. As mentioned in the post there is more information avaiable on our site about our courses but please contact the department if they can provide you with more information.

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