Little brooch

22 08 2010

Last year I did an evening course at NMIT – it was called Leisure Jewellery and was basically studio access for people with jewellery experience and their own project, with an experienced jeweller on hand to ask questions.

I couldn’t find the energy or time to get to all of the sessions (working fulltime in an office can mean depleted energy by 6pm), but I used what time I did spend there ‘getting my hand back in’ so to speak. A little saw-piercing and a wee bit of soldering on the fitting…

It’s not conceptual at all, it’s not really even to my taste, but it gave me something to practice on. The pattern is based on the paper I used to weave my necklace in second year.

little brooch

paper that inspired the design

little brooch

little brooch

sketching for little brooch



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