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23 07 2010

I thought a post with a photograph would be a lovely welcome break after so many posts with only text.

My two little rosewood drawer units, under my treasured Sharon Green photograph ‘Cabin Fever‘ (from the ‘The Lonely Empire‘ 2005 series), is my favourite place for display of little objects I own (or have made). For a little while now it has been home to Katherine Wheeler‘s ‘stilt cup‘, which I still adore, and which I bought at her exhibition at Hand Held Gallery earlier this year.

my lovely little Katherine Wheeler stilt cup



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23 07 2010

Hey Karen, It’s nice to see my little cup in it’s new home being enjoyed! XO

23 07 2010

ps. I loved reading about your spain tour. looked amazing.
ALso … Hidden Facets will be in Sydney next month- Gaffa, Keeper Gallery;
(281 Clarence Street, Sydney)
Opening night Thursday 12th of August 6-8pm,
12th – 23rd August.

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