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30 06 2010

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  • NGV (International), Winter Masterpieces ‘European Masters: Städel Museum, 19th–20th Century‘ [link]; until 10th October
  • Melbourne Museum ‘Titanic – the Artefact Exhibition‘ [link]; I’m in two minds about seeing this, as their Pompeii exhibition was pitched more at a ‘populist’ level and I didn’t find it enjoyable at all, and also I’m not sure if there will be any decorative arts / jewellery; but I may try to see it out of curiosity anyway; until 17th October

1st July: last day for Metalab, David Neale’s ‘Some and None: Jewellery as Graphics‘ [link; kit and caboodle]; I’ve developed quite an attachment to David’s pieces

3rd July: last day for Gallery Funaki, Karl Fritsch ‘Freeling‘ [link] “I will be showing my first ‘made in New Zealand’ pieces. I’ve just built my own workshop in Wellington and am still keen to build more things. I like it…“; my review story here

6th July: Studio 20/17 (Sydney) ‘The Exchange Project‘ [link]; until 18th July

7th July: last day for a solo exhibition for Sally Park at Yeh-In Gallery in North Balwyn; 247B Belmore Rd (corner of Belmore and Balwyn), 1-5pm Tuesday – Saturday; I understand Sally studied at Monash and has work in Self Preservation [thank you to Melissa Cameron for the information]; I’ve looked for a link for the gallery but can’t find one, so if you do please let me know

10th July: Craft Victoria ‘Craft Hatch‘ market [link]

14th July: State of Design, Melbourne [link]; until 25th July

14th July: e.g.etal, solo exhibition Yuko Fujita ‘Kodama (return to me)‘; until 31st July, opening on 15th July

23rd July: NGV (International) ‘Lace in Fashion‘ [link]; until 23rd January 2011

24th July: Green Jewellery and Objects Symposium, Brisbane [link]

27th July: Studio 20/17 (Sydney) Rosanne Bartley ‘The world is a circle we live in – excerpts of experience‘ [link]; until 8th August

29th July: Gaffa Keeper Gallery (Sydney), ‘First and Last‘ [link]; “20 Contemporary Jewellers, emerging and established, recount their tales as they reminisce about their beginnings and contemplate the next direction in their careers. The exhibition will consist of the first piece and last piece that these Jewellers have made and very literally tells of stories about where these makers have come from, where they have been and ultimately where they are heading.“; until 10th August

If you know of any other jewellery / object exhibitions during July 2010, please let me know by comment or email

plan ahead for these
[see here for others]:

Update 4th August 2010: last day for application to Griffith City Council 2010: National Contemporary Jewellery Award [link]; thanks to Anna Davern for this info!]; acquisitive prize of $5000

4th – 8th August 2010: Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building; “an exhibition of leading contemporary art, presented by over 80 selected national and international galleries. The biennial event features paintings, sculpture, photography, installations and multi media art works of over 900 artists” [link]

5th August – 6th September 2010: Craft Victoria ‘Craft Cubed‘ [link]; “the theme is Childhood. Artists have long engaged with issues associated with childhood, and it is a particularly relevant query today as to what constitutes childhood – how do the different forms and phases of childhood affect the arts, and what is the importance of play?

6th August – 24th October 2010: Mari Funaki ‘Objects‘ exhibition at NGV Ian Potter Centre [link]

6th August 2010: ‘Jewellery Practice as a Site for Enquiry‘ [link] seminar at RMIT; “This one-day seminar is designed as an opportunity to examine how the parameters of contemporary jewellery practice are being tested, developed, challenged and/or contested by those makers researching or practicing in the field. Organisers are interested in reflecting the breadth of models for framing practice and opening the dialogue around recent concerns such as; sustainability, relational aesthetics and performative practices, temporal or site-specific works.

6th August 2010: last day for application to the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize [link]; this has a pretty big prize; exhibition in October 2010; [disclaimer: an organiser of this prize requested that I publish information about this prize on my blog; happily I had already included it in this calendar under my own steam(!); further information was provided, which I haven’t included here but can be seen on the linked site]

6th August – 5th September 2010: Gallery of South Australia ‘Gray Street Workshop: 25 Years’; “presents the work of well-respected South Australian jewellers and object-makers Catherine Truman, Julie Blyfield and Leslie Matthews” [link]

link to exhibitions and events on the June 2010 calendar …



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