Blog roundup

29 06 2010

More stories from around the interwebs…

  • Melissa Cameron has asked for personal descriptions of jewellery/maker suppliers and allied trades … contribute to her ambitious project through her site
  • I have a brooch-crush on a lovely piece by David Neale (the goldensmith) … ooh, Craft Vic blog has a story on David’s current exhibition at Metalab in Sydney (be still my beating heart!)
  • Inari Kiuru shares a beautiful poem and the incredible pieces it inspired her to make – beautiful
  • Karla Way shares awesome news that Pieces of Eight will be moving to their new premises in Russell Street at the end of July
  • Katherine Bowman has written a few posts on her sketchbooks … ooh, book envy!
  • Katie Jayne Britchford has made some great enamelled brooches
  • I like the rings Kim Victoria Wearne has made as a reworking of old pieces
  • Natalia Milosz-Piekarska shares some new work
  • I think I recognise the “blah-fuck” moments Kristin d’Agostino mentions, but I congratulate her and take heart that good things can come of such moments!



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