My jewellery collection #17

18 06 2010

In my last post on my jewellery collection, I thought I’d already written about all those I owned. However I had forgotten the longest-standing piece – a white gold and diamond ring I commissioned from my teacher in 2001.

my collection; not to be reproduced without permission

I had been studying evening classes at The Goldsmith School for a few months, and decided I’d like a ring. I designed it and talked with my teacher, Elmar Rothbrust, as I was not confident I yet had the setting skills for the stone and design. He sourced the diamond for me, and taught me how to look at it and determine its clarity and colour; and I commissioned him to make it.

It was funny to me that as I was looking at the diamond with Elmar during a class one evening, someone walked by and asked what it was and I naturally said it was a diamond I was buying; to which they asked ‘are you having an engagement ring made?’ … what a magical leap in reasoning (or not), I thought to myself! No, I replied, I am making an ‘I’m amazing’ ring.

I like that it’s simple, slightly art deco. And that I co-created it.

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18 06 2010

I like the idea of an “I’m amazing” ring!

I’ve been at the Goldsmith’s School for a few months now and am really enjoying it. It’s been great to follow your blog as a beginner to see all the exciting things that people in Australia are doing. Thanks!

19 06 2010

Thank you for your kind words Alicia!
The way I was taught handskills, and a kind of working and drawing discipline, at the Goldsmith School has held me in good stead ever since. I am so grateful for the experience there. If I was still living in Brisbane I would definitely still be involved with the school somehow – no doubt doing weekend courses and such.
Best of luck with your making!

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