My work: ‘Time: Europe’

24 05 2010

Second in the ‘Time‘ group is a piece that records a three-month holiday I took backpacking through Europe over ten years ago. The paper is a copy of the hand-drawn calendar I made to plan my time, and the fine silver charms woven through the paper have scribed-sketches taken from particularly beautiful photographs I took during the trip.

charms for 'Time: Europe'

charms for 'Time: Europe'

I wove paper and silver in my first year at university, and reignited this method late last year when I made a piece for ‘Feast‘. I’ve expanded on it during making for this project and was looking for ways to bring more life to the woven paper, so introduced the charms. The have been inserted into the weave at the place in the calendar they were experienced.

'Time: Europe' brooch; amended copyright notice: not to be reproduced without permission

This one in form is the most connected to the work I did for ‘Feast’, here; in that its width is similar and fastening similar too (a stainless steel bobby pin, but this time attached to a perspex brooch backing).

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