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23 05 2010

The ‘Time‘ group was created especially for the Studio 20/17 ‘Winter Brooches‘ exhibition, and this first piece (which I shared a sneak peek of recently) records a 12hr period in photographs.

I spent a day in Canberra to visit the Post-Impressionist exhibition – it was a frustrating day, the line to get into the exhibition was taking in excess of three hours (which I abandoned after two hours, and then rejoined later in the day to wait only an hour), the cafe I walked to find was closed, it rained and my flight home was delayed for hours.

I took photographs regularly throughout the day, and made a selection to make a strip of colour paper; below are a couple of my favourites from the day.

Each hour is marked with a spindle woven into the paper, each is then secured to the wire across the top of the perspex base.

'Time: Day'; amended copyright notice: not to be reproduced without permission

The front-view shows little of the colour of the photographs, and the detailed image from the side shows much more. Were I to make this piece again, I would like to find a way to stop the paper creeping over the sides (like it is on the left side above).

Time-Day brooch; amended copyright notice: not to be reproduced without permission

The brooch is 12cm long, 1cm for each hour of photographs. It is arguably difficult to wear as it is a little unbalanced, and perhaps a double-pin would have secured it better (though I have no soldering equipment at home currently, and changing that kind of thing at the last minute is not feasible!).

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23 05 2010

So beautiful! I had been wondering how you constructed this…

23 05 2010

Thank you lovely – you are so kind and generous with your praise!

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