‘Contemporary Australian Drawings 1’ @ RMIT Gallery

21 04 2010

Another exhibition held as part of the Drawing Out festival is ‘Contemporary Australian Drawings 1‘ at RMIT Gallery (alongside the Constellation‘ exhibition I’ve already written about). This collection pushes the traditional expectations of what can be defined as ‘drawing’ – with neon and video works included.

photograph taken with gallery permission

I saw this exhibition after being stunned by the ‘Constellation’ exhibition, so perhaps I had a kind of visual overload by this point as I didn’t connect with many of the pieces here. However, the one below by Godwin Bradbeer hit me in the chest – it’s incredible! The lighting is extraordinary and gives it full justice (sorry the below image is a bit out of focus, the lighting was very low).

Godwin Bradbeer, Imago XIX (I hope I have the number right); photograph taken with gallery permission

It’s worth going along to this exhibition solely for the above piece – but I am sure many will find beauty here, and may I recommend seeing this before you go into ‘Constellation‘!

This exhibition has also been written about here, and I recognise the artist as one who had work in the Ballarat Art Gallery mid-last year (all I remember is that it was freezing when I went to visit!).

Contemporary Australian Drawings 1‘ is at RMIT Gallery until 26th June 2010.



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