My jewellery collection #15

2 04 2010

Purchasing this ring was a pretty exciting, as it had been almost ten years since I last commissioned a piece of jewellery for myself; it is certainly the first from a Melbourne jeweller (the previous one was from my jewellery teacher at Goldsmiths School in Brisbane, which I’ll write about another time).

[photographs published with artist permission; copyright belongs to the artist and images are not to be reproduced without permission]

Jessica Morrison; amended copyright notice as above

I have had an admiration for Jessica Morrison‘s work since I was at uni (she was a year ahead of me at RMIT); I particularly enjoyed her colour and envied her sense of play in making.

One afternoon in 2008 (I think; maybe late 2007 even) I had been wandering up Brunswick Street and popped into Studio Ingot, as I regularly do to see what’s new. This time though I finally tried on a ring of Jessica’s (yes, I’d been eyeing it off for a while!), and as it didn’t quite fit me I asked if one could be made for me.

Jessica Morrison ring; amended copyright notice as above

The commissioning process is pretty simple and Studio Ingot were fabulous – they were particularly keen to understand what aspects of the piece I was especially attracted to, that I recognised that it was a unique item and that the finished piece I received would naturally be a little different, and they gently asked a few questions that I later realised were to gauge whether I appreciated the fragility of the piece and how I was to wear the piece (ie. that I wasn’t planning on doing the dishes in it!).

It’s a beautiful piece of art in its own right. I have worn it only a few times – it’s not the sort of jewellery one wears every day; especially as I have a habit of talking with my hands and flinging them around a bit, a delicate enamelled piece is something to be very careful of.

There is more information on Jessica, and more images of her work, here: StudioIngot, e.g.etal (more), NGV (part of Rigg 2006), CraftVic, and her own blog.

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