Katherine Wheeler & Abby Seymour ‘Hidden Facets’ @ Hand Held Gallery

12 03 2010

Last night saw the opening of the exhibition of jewellery by the lovely Katherine Wheeler (see my previous artist profile story, and her blog) and printmaking/drawing by the equally lovely Abby Seymour (tumblr), and pieces they’ve collaborated on.

I had intended to share photographs with you today, however I am ‘en plein air’ (ie. gallivanting around the place) and failed to bring my camera connection thingy-whatsit. For now I share the gorgeous invitation, which gives an indication of the delicacy of the work.

invitation; courtesy of the artists

And I am very excited to say that I am now a proud owner a Katherine Wheeler object (so excited)… more on that, and images and thoughts about the exhibition, when I get my photos uploaded (will be very soon)!

Hidden Facets‘ is at Hand Held Gallery until 3rd April 2010.



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