My jewellery collection #14

10 03 2010

Another piece bought at the 2008 RMIT G&S jewellery auction. This brooch is sterling silver and painted wood, and is by Michelle Cangiano.

[photographs published with artist permission; copyright belongs to the artist and images are not to be reproduced without permission]

Michelle Cangiano; amended copyright notice as above

I like wearing this on bright colours; it’s light and approximately 4cm or so across.

The reactions I have received have been pretty interesting – I am often fascinated with what others see in the engraved lines. To me, they remind me of a bowl, the shape of which is somewhat reflected in the curve of the wooden element. As such, it kind of brings to my mind a nostalgic domesticity – the bowl being a feminine object, the colour of the wood feeling like slightly worn kitchen crockery / porcelain.

Michelle Cangiano; amended copyright notice as above

There is more information about Michelle’s work on sites of Studio Ingot and Pieces of Eight.

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