Calendar: March 2010

28 02 2010

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as yet unknown date: Nicole Polentas is part of an exhibition at the Hellenic Museum [link]; will post dates as soon as they’re confirmed!

3rd March: ‘Recycle‘ exhibition at Synergy Gallery, Northcote [link], where all artworks are made with mainly recycled components; including work by Melissa Cameron; until 14th March

4th March: Metalab (Sydney), Djurdjica Kesic ‘Nomad‘ [link]; see my review from the show at Pieces of Eight; until 25th March

5th March: last day for Craft Victoria, Adam Cruickshank ‘Reverse Cargo‘ [link]; my review story

6th – 19th March: PentHouseMouse, part of LMFF [link]

8th March: Glitzern Earring Festival [link]; part of LMFF; until 20th March

8th March: last day for Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, ‘BUDA Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Exhibition 2009′ (travelling) [link]; my review story of original show at BUDA

8th March: last day for Brunswick Street Art Gallery, ‘Printmaking 10A‘ [link]

8th March: last day for application to ArtStart; “The ArtStart program provides financial assistance to recent creative arts graduates* who are committed to establishing a career as a professional artist” [link]

11th March: Hand Held Gallery, Katherine Wheeler and Abby Seymour, ‘Hidden Facets‘; combining the work of a jeweller and printmaker; see my previous artist profile on Katherine, and her blog about some work she’s doing for the exhibition; I’m looking forward to this very much [link]; until 3rd April

14th March: Geelong Art Gallery ‘Geelong Silversmithing – Then and Now‘ [link]; part of LMFF; until 21st March

16th March: e.g.etal ‘Figment‘; “a unique ‘mythical’ exhibition showcasing the works of seven contemporary jewellery designers” [link]; part of L’Oreal Fashion Festival (LMFF); really looking forward to seeing how the studio is transformed for this special event; until 10th April

17th March: First Site Gallery, RMIT; ‘Flock‘ [link]; part of the LMFF; until 27th March

23rd March: last day for Gaffa Gallery, Inaugural Relaunch Exhibition [link]

25th March: last day for Gaffa Keeper Gallery, Mark Vaarwerk ‘The Homework’ [link]

27th March: last day for ‘Linden Postcard Show‘ 2010 [link]

29th March: last day for application to Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award; “the International Lace Award seeks to encourage contemporary design and challenge conventional notions of lace and its application in the areas of fashion [including jewellery], the built environment and digital multimedia” [link]

plan ahead for these [see here for others]:

9th – 11th April 2010: JMGA Conference in Perth [link]

1st June 2010: last day for application to New Traditional Jewellery in the Netherlands; “the biennial international design competition New Traditional Jewellery is calling for entries for their 2010 event. Jewellery designers from all over the world are invited to respond to the theme ‘True colours’.” [link]

6th August – 5th September 2010: Gallery of South Australia ‘Gray Street Workshop: 25 Years’; “presents the work of well-respected South Australian jewellers and object-makers Catherine Truman, Julie Blyfield and Leslie Matthews” [link]

link to exhibitions and events on the February 2010 and March 2010 sneak peek calendar …



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