‘Top posts’ so far

10 01 2010

I thought it would be a bit of fun to see what were the ‘top posts’ on my blog since I started writing in March 2009.

Most regular readers will go to the ‘Home Page’ view often enough that they don’t actually need to click on, or search for, individual or past stories. So the posts listed in my ‘statistics’ with the most visits will likely not reflect the most read or favourite posts of loyal readers, but more reflect the stories that have been found by searches or specific referrals from other sites.

So, excluding ‘Home Page’, ‘Links‘, ‘About‘ or ‘Archive Listing‘ pages, the top 12 posts with the most ‘clicks’ since I started writing are:

  • #1 Most famous ring in the world?
    17th October 2009; this was a hot topic in late 2009 when the jewellers who made Keith Richard’s skull ring introduced a new version to the general market; I’ve had lots of referrals from GaryRocks blog (more specifically the auto-generated wordpress listing of possibly related stories) and many hits from searches (google, etc).
  • #2 ‘Schmuck‘ @ RMIT Gallery – part 4
    26th June 2009; I had so much fun writing about this exhibition and was very excited that one of such international standing was here in Melbourne. I eventually wrote eight posts related to ‘Schmuck’ (you can see them all by clicking on the category cloud in the right-hand column); and I think this was the most popular in searches because it also included ‘textile’ in the text.
  • #3 Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire‘ @ NGV
    22nd June 2009; There was naturally a lot of local interest in the blockbuster exhibition in winter 2009, and while many clicks were from searches, I got quite a few referrals from a specific link in the story written by Marcus at ArtBlart blog.
  • #4 Light Years: Photography and Space‘ @ NGV
    26th June 2009; This one is a bit amusing: for a while there it seemed that search engines thought my site was a good one for a photograph of man landing on the moon or simply photographs of astronauts. Pretty sure readers directed to my site for this story didn’t find what they were really looking for! But it sent my traffic a little crazy for a while there.
  • #5 A Day in Pompeii‘ @ Melbourne Museum
    7th September 2009; Another local blockbuster exhibition.
  • #6 Schmuck‘ @ RMIT Gallery
    5th June 2009; The first in the series on this wonderful exhibition.
  • #7 Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen‘ @ NGV
    8th July 2009; This was a small exhibition in the fashion gallery at NGV; this story was read mainly due to referrals from JaneAustenToday blog and the other places this same story was published.
  • #8 Artist Profile: Nicole Polentas
    13th May 2009; The first in what I hope will be a series of artist profiles; this story on one of my fellow RMIT graduates, who has seen great success since we graduated, was widely read and is still being hit by people searching specifically for Nicole. Much of the initial traffic was from twitter actually, which makes me wonder if I ought look into that technology… then I realise that’s just another password I have to remember!
  • #9 Abbotsford Convent Markets
    24th April 2009; Lots of readers found this while searching for Mint Slice Afternoon or the other makers I mention.
  • #10 Calendar: June 2009
    31st May 2009; Not really sure why this was so popular, perhaps it was found by those searching for ‘Schmuck’, or that there was lots going on that month.
  • #11 Schmuck‘ @ RMIT Gallery – part 2
    13th June 2009; The second in the series.
  • #12 Artist Profile: Katherine Wheeler
    10th June 2009; The second in the series of artist profiles, it’s exciting that readers want to know more about other makers.

I’m looking forward to a busy 2010 writing more… happy reading!

My jewellery collection #9

8 01 2010

I know, I am a lucky girl; this is my third jewellery piece gifted by Lucy Hearn.

I like this piece very much; I like the black and that it represents a development in Lucy’s work. There’s a freedom in her working that’s liberating as a fellow maker and also as a wearer.


Lucy has an amazing eye for design and detail, and wrote her note on a metcard, which helps me date the piece – super cool!

gorgeous packaging!

Other pieces in my collection from Lucy are #7 and #6 (this is the ‘photocopy brooch’ referenced in the packaging); and there is another one I’ll share in the future.

… last post on my jewellery collection #8

Update (8th February 2010): photographs published with artist permission

Design opportunity

6 01 2010

In a first for the Melbourne Jeweller blog, I have been asked to publish information about an upcoming design opportunity for an emerging jeweller.

information provided by Katia

Now, for the formal caveat bit: this is not an endorsement, simply information; I have no connection with this opportunity or those involved; and while I have no reason to doubt it’s completely genuine and fabulous, I have done no personal research to validate content… boring and horrible I know, and it’s not meant in any way to detract from the exciting possibility of the opportunity, but I feel better that such things are made clear! I don’t want some kind of cash-for-comment scandal here – no sir-ee!

I was pretty intrigued upon receiving the information, and after a little online searching about Katia found that she’s graduated from RMIT textiles and was a finalist in the 2006 Object ‘New Design’ exhibition [see here].

Best of luck to Katia in finding the perfect maker for the collection!

Craft Hatch

4 01 2010

There was a special edition of Craft Hatch at the State Library of Victoria in the weekend before Christmas. There was some beautiful work; and it was a glorious space and I hope they can return there again in the new year – the light was gorgeous!

Looking forward to a crafty 2010!