My jewellery collection #10, #11, #12

25 01 2010

I must admit that I don’t exactly know the dates of purchasing these pieces, but feel that they were brought home in 2006 and 2007.

paste pieces

There was a time there for a while where I loved these kinds of pieces. Not so much any more; but I do love the brooch in the top right of the above image, and wear the centre piece often. Sadly it has lost a few stones – a tip, be sure you take your jewellery off your top before washing it (disaster! just how could I…). What is most endearing is that it is an ingenious designs (typical of Art Deco era and later) where the full brooch is made up of a little middle brooch and clip earrings.

detail of un-assembled brooch

These three pieces were bought from Malvern Antique Market, where a good forage down the back can turn up some lovely things.

Exhibitions that were…

22 01 2010

A friend has asked which exhibitions I enjoyed most during 2009. What a fabulous question! I liked the idea of recalling the many exhibitions I’ve visited in Melbourne, and making some attempt to choose my favourite(s).

The “Archive Listing” page will provide the interested reader with all of the posts I’ve written, including the many exhibition reviews. While I won’t go through all of the ones I’ve visited, I’ll make special mention of a handful (in chronological order, just for fun) and why they caught my attention.

There were many others that were wonderful, but I cannot list them all! Also, there were many outstanding individual works within groups exhibitions too…

I’d love to hear from readers and regular exhibition visitors – what was your favourite exhibition in 2009?

Blog roundup

20 01 2010

It’s been pretty quiet over the festive season, but writers are warming up again…

  • I’ve enjoyed David Neale’s blog recently [link]; so much to see, especially his deliciously gold ring [here] and earrings [here], brooches for an upcoming exhibition in Japan [here], and his meditation on the heart motif [here]
  • Melissa Cameron takes us through the tribulations of setting up a studio [link]
  • Melinda Young and Lauren Simeoni have launched a new blog for their new project [link]
  • fresh from curating ‘Feast‘, Zoe Brand has done an en-masse update of her 365 project [here] and announces what exciting prospects are in store for her in 2010 [here]
  • finally, Kit and Caboodle network tells about “Ring a Day” project [here; “Beginning January 2010, a group of jewelers took up the creative challenge of making a ring a day. The participants are posting their images to a Flickr pool. Currently there are more than 100 jewelers (and others) participating and more than 1000 photos uploaded. It’s not too late to join the fun“] and there is a call for jewellers attending the JMGA conference in Perth in April for a coinciding exhibition [here]

Yarragon Annual Gem Show

18 01 2010

Just over an hour east of my place in Melbourne is Yarragon (on the way to Traralgon). It’s a cute little village, and their annual gem show on 16/17th January 2010 was a good excuse for a quick morning drive.

inside the gem show

I was there pretty early on the Saturday, and spent a little time wandering around. There were more mineral type stands than cut gems, and there were facet-ing demonstrations. I found some little gems that came home with me (from K.A.B. Form). I haven’t done a lot of gem setting, so will save these until I have just the right project and skills…

little sapphires and onyx

All in all a lovely morning out in the sunshine.

Yarragon village