Jewellery for Australia Day

26 01 2010

What’s more Austra-yan than a barbeque, I ask you? It’s a rhetorical question actually, for I don’t think there is any single definitive act that defines a nation … but let’s not get into that serious discussion here. Today, I’d like to share some handmade jewellery worn at an Australia Day barbeque I attended, at which there were indeed meats cooked above a fire, and a showing of ‘BMX Bandits’ and ‘Puberty Blues’.

#1. Jen

photograph taken with artist and model permission

Yes, it’s the Australian National Anthem.

#2. Me

photograph credit: Vetti (from Vetti Live in Northcote)

Yes, Happy Little Vegemite. [Vetti’s blog is here.]

Spontaneous jewellery-making is fun.



One response

26 01 2010

Hi lovely, weren’t there some sweet costumes last nite? You looked great, and isn’t Jen a clever girl?

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