My jewellery collection #10, #11, #12

25 01 2010

I must admit that I don’t exactly know the dates of purchasing these pieces, but feel that they were brought home in 2006 and 2007.

paste pieces

There was a time there for a while where I loved these kinds of pieces. Not so much any more; but I do love the brooch in the top right of the above image, and wear the centre piece often. Sadly it has lost a few stones – a tip, be sure you take your jewellery off your top before washing it (disaster! just how could I…). What is most endearing is that it is an ingenious designs (typical of Art Deco era and later) where the full brooch is made up of a little middle brooch and clip earrings.

detail of un-assembled brooch

These three pieces were bought from Malvern Antique Market, where a good forage down the back can turn up some lovely things.



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