Do you know: a hallmark maker?

16 01 2010

Help please: do you know who makes hallmark stamps in Melbourne (or anywhere in Australia really)?

Any comments and suggestions would be most welcome.

Happy making!



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17 01 2010

Hi, I recently got a Hallmark made and went out to I.T HALLMARKING in Templestowe. Ivan is one of the only people I know who makes Hallmarks and he does an amazing job. He works out of his shed in his back garden…it looks like not much from the outside but he has some amazing machines in there. I recommend him, such a lovely man and he has been making stamps for many years. His phone number is 9846 1635 🙂

18 01 2010

Thanks Justin and Katie! You’ve both recommended the same person, so that’s a great endorsement for them.
I have also put out some feelers by email, and will post here if I have any other suggestions.

17 01 2010
Justin Siow

I had a hallmark made by I.T. Hallmarking.
Ivan is really friendly and makes great stamps.

208 Foote St, Templestowe, VIC 3106
p: (03) 9846 1635
f: (03) 9846 1649

19 01 2010

Ivan is definitely The Man.

19 01 2010

Excellent – that’s four votes (three here and one by email) for Ivan!

21 01 2010

Yes definitly Ivan! He is definitly your man. He makes EXCELLENT stamps and is very helpful. I don’t actually know anywhere else to go but I wouldn’t use anyone but him anyway 🙂
good luck!

23 01 2010
Lisa Crawford Jones

Another vote for Ivan!

30 01 2010

Yep, I recommend Ivan too! I remember asking around a little a year or so ago and he’s the only one that everyone was using!

17 08 2011

Yes, I did it! Now to not wreck my work when I stamp it. For photos see Making My Mark on
Thanks for all the help everyone.

7 10 2011
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