Calendar: February 2010 sneak peek

15 01 2010

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Updates, and reminder, for the rest of January 2010

15th January: Brunswick Street Art Gallery, ‘Photography 10A‘ [link]; until 28th January

16th January: last day for Guildford Lane Gallery ‘Branching‘; a group exhibition of emerging and established artists [link]

16th/17th January: Annual Gem Show in Yarragon (between an hour and hour-and-a-half east of Melbourne) [link]

19th January: Bus Projects, Jessica Wong ‘Parallel Universe’ [I very much liked Jessica’s work in the Siemen’s exhibition, my review story here; link]; until 5th February

20th January: RMIT Gallery, Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Award announcements, 6-8pm; last day 23rd January

20th January: Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, ‘BUDA Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Exhibition 2009’ (travelling) [link]; my review story of original show at BUDA; until 8th March

22nd January: Craft Victoria, Adam Cruickshank ‘Reverse Cargo‘ – could provide an interesting perspective on personal adornment with mass produced objects [link]; until 5th March

23rd January: last day for RMIT Gallery, Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards; my review story [link]

24th January: last day for Jam Factory, Octavia Cook ‘Cook & Co; Antiquities for the Future‘ (contemporary jewellery) [link]

29th January: Blindside, ‘Debut VI‘, annual exhibition of Melbourne’s most exciting university graduates [link]; until 14th February

29th January: Brunswick Street Art Gallery, ‘Drawing 10A‘ [link]; until 11th February

31st January: last day for NGV International [link] ‘Building a Collection: Recent acquisitions of prints and drawings‘; my review story

31st January: last day for Object Gallery (Sydney), group show ‘Precious Pendants‘ (contemporary jewellery) [link]

now for a sneak peek of February 2010

all month:

  • NGV International [link] ‘Chinoiserie: Asia in Europe 1620-1840‘; until 14th March 2010; my review story

1st-5th February: RMIT short workshop, Helen Britton ‘Where Do I Come From’ [see my story here]

6th February: ‘Linden Postcard Show‘ 2010 [link]; until 27th March

26th February: Brunswick Street Art Gallery, ‘Printmaking 10A‘ [link]; until 8th March

I’m sure there’s more in February that I haven’t found out about – if you know of any interesting exhibitions, please comment and let me know!

link to exhibitions and events on the January 2010 calendar …



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