Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards 2009

11 01 2010

In a quiet month for exhibitions, the RMIT Gallery brings magnificent relief with the 9th annual ‘Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards‘.

Sixteen postgraduate and twenty-six undergraduate students from RMIT Fine Art degrees have been selected for exhibition, and will be in the running for the various awards on offer.

Below is my favourite piece from the exhibition: Jessica Wong ‘New World, Same History‘ [2009; woodcut, fineliner, pen on hosho paper; 46 x 190 x 60cm]. The colour is gorgeous, the handwriting evocative, and the scale engaging. Her site has some wonderful images of her other work; and more detailed images of this piece [here].

Jessica Wong 'New World, Same History' and 'Parallel Worlds' 2009; photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “The Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards is one of the most progressive scholarships of its kind in Australia. Now in its ninth year, it enables RMIT students to further their careers in fine arts by assisting their research and production costs. Each year eight students share $32,000; five undergraduate travel scholarships and three postgraduate scholarships. The partnership demonstrates the commitment of both Siemens and RMIT University to innovation, knowledge and excellence.

There were many strong pieces here, and this is certainly an exhibition worth visiting and braving the hot weather for!

Lauren Joffe 'Still Life 1,2,3'; photograph taken with gallery permission

The Gold and Silversmithing department should be proud to be represented by three accomplished makers:

  • Lauren Joffe – image above; these pieces are made in glass; they have an amazing presence
  • Michaela Bruton – winner of Craft Vic ‘Fresh! 2009; pieces from the same lovely collection exhibited here
  • Vicky Shukuroglou – image below; her delicate pieces reference traditional horse hair work; her site here

Vicky Shukuroglou 'Object BDC'; photograph taken with gallery permission

There were a number of pieces I really liked here; but instead of overloading your browser by putting them all on the one page, please click on the below “Read More…” line to see more photographs of work here.

Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards‘ is at RMIT Gallery until 23rd January 2010. The awards are announced on Wednesday 20th January 2010 at the gallery at 6-8pm.

… Super! You’ll be happy you’ve clicked through for more photographs.

Seriously, so many works here were amazing; there were a couple that didn’t work for me, but let’s focus on the positive.

Below: Philippa Nichol, ‘Remembering the Ancestors‘, 2009, ceramic, 30 x 100 x 80cm. This display was dramatically lit in the smaller ante-gallery and made a foreboding and impressive impression that reminded me of walking into a darkened egyptian burial chamber.

Philippa Nichol 'Remembering the Ancestors'; photograph taken with gallery permission

I had a thing for repetition the day I visited, and also liked the ceramics of Natasha Hosny, below. There is another story here with images from the year-end ceramic exhibition of both Philippa and Natasha’s work.

Natasha Hosny 'G City'; photograph taken with gallery permission

There was drawing work here by Mitchel Brannen, who I wrote about in December here. Another artist’s drawings took my breath away – I loved both of Ted McKinlay’s drawings. I wouldn’t hang them in my house, mostly because of my aversion to living with figurative work, but I really really liked them nonetheless.

Ted McKinlay 'The Sisters House'; photographed with gallery permission

For more images of his work, see his exhibition at RMIT First Site gallery here.

Ted McKinlay 'Things I Didn't See'; photograph taken with gallery permission

There’s a lot to see here – go!



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