Design opportunity

6 01 2010

In a first for the Melbourne Jeweller blog, I have been asked to publish information about an upcoming design opportunity for an emerging jeweller.

information provided by Katia

Now, for the formal caveat bit: this is not an endorsement, simply information; I have no connection with this opportunity or those involved; and while I have no reason to doubt it’s completely genuine and fabulous, I have done no personal research to validate content… boring and horrible I know, and it’s not meant in any way to detract from the exciting possibility of the opportunity, but I feel better that such things are made clear! I don’t want some kind of cash-for-comment scandal here – no sir-ee!

I was pretty intrigued upon receiving the information, and after a little online searching about Katia found that she’s graduated from RMIT textiles and was a finalist in the 2006 Object ‘New Design’ exhibition [see here].

Best of luck to Katia in finding the perfect maker for the collection!



2 responses

6 01 2010

Ahhh, those magic words – jet and lucite! Sounds most intriguing…

6 01 2010

Mmm… I agree. I’m really looking forward to seeing Katia’s collection when it’s ready to meet the public! I’m keeping an eye/ear out for the launch later this year… will let you know when I know

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