My work: ‘Nana’s Trifle Bowl’

28 12 2009

A little more detail on the first piece in the ‘Feast‘ series ‘Nana ALWAYS brings the trifle‘: ‘Nana’s Trifle Bowl‘.

I suppose it’s pretty obvious where this piece is derived from – the bowl itself.

detail; photograph not to be reproduced without permission

The formed panels on top were created from thinly-rolled fine silver, from buttons I melted from scrap metal in my final week at uni – the method is one I liked using in previous work. They were then pressed, so pieces overlapped each other, on the super-sculpey mold in the previous post. Yes the sculpey does shatter, but the metal was super-soft and I was careful with the pressure, so it didn’t go everywhere nor ruin the pressed pieces, but it did mean the sculpey mold couldn’t be used again.

scan (not photo; hence poor quality) of pressed pieces

After a bit of experimenting, I finally chose which of the ten pressed pieces to use. So next the perspex and sterling silver layer were saw-pierced together, using a pattern I developed from pencil rubbings of the outside of the bowl which was ultimately informed by which pressed pieces I chose – if I’d chosen others, then the shape may have been entirely different.

Then the silver layer was annealed and shaped against the side of the bowl, so its contour matched the bowl exactly. And the pressed pieces were also annealed and pressed against the bowl (with a burnisher), to make the detail more accurate and pronounced and to give them the same curvature as the bowl and silver layer.

Then lots of experimenting to figure out the layers heights. It was at this point that it came to me that the piece would make more sense as an object standing on the table than it would as a brooch or wearable piece.

working out the layering

Then a simple matter of drilling where necessary, making the ‘stake’ rivets, finishing each of the layers and putting it all together!

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