‘Feast’ – the starting idea

23 12 2009

When Zoe first invited me to participate in the ‘Feast‘ exhibition, I immediately knew what idea I’d be working on.

Feast celebrates the predetermined as well as the gloriously spontaneous moments that happen around the christmas feasting table. Bring your christmas cracker humour to the table and join us for a celebration of jewellery and objects.

I responded strongly to the ‘predetermined‘, for my abiding memory of the Christmas lunches of my childhood were that they were all quite similar; at the same person’s home, and with the same foods. This was never a bad thing, but has formed quite a comfortable loving memory. Most importantly of all, each person in the extended family usually brought the same foods each year.

Nana ALWAYS brought the trifle.

My Nana generously sent me the bowl that she always had the trifle in (I have to say that I wasn’t entirely sure such a lovely item could be trusted to the post; but my Mum super-bubble-wrapped it!). It’s a beautiful cut glass bowl; and I love the shadows it throws.

So I started with the pattern of the bowl… obviously! Without really knowing yet where it was going to take me, I played around with old-fashioned pencil rubbing and new-fashioned super-sculpey.

More soon.

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23 12 2009

So lovely, Karen…I was most curious about what you were doing with the cut-glass bowl. Both Feast pieces (and their attached Nana stories) are beautiful.

23 12 2009

Thank you Vetti! I’m enjoying writing about the process too (now it’s in perspective) – so more posts to come…

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