‘Feast’ – in situ

22 12 2009

Just a quick post – the lovely Zoe sent me an image of my work in situ at ‘Feast‘ (I’ve cropped it a little for the screen etc).

photograph credit: Zoe Brand; amended copyright notice, this image not to be reproduced without permission

I am interested in how others see my work, and how that differs from my own perspective of it… so it’s interesting to me that the ‘Nana’s Trifle Bowl‘ object has the top layer slightly askew, to make the shadow play more obvious… and it looks like it may also be on an angle (that is, not all three legs on the table), though I wonder if that’s reality or a trick of the angle of the photo! Either way, the shadows look fabulous.

Previous post on ‘Feasthere

Update: Zoe also published some photos of the installation and opening of the exhibition on her blog here

Update: there is another image on the blog of another exhibiting maker here

Update (23rd December): next post on ‘Feasthere



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23 12 2009
the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things

Hello Karen,
Thank you for the link!

Your pieces were amazing! We all have Zoe to thank for the great “visual merchandising’. Everything looked so good on that table.

My friends and I loved “Nana’s Trifle Recipe”…how her handwriting peeked out from under the silver mesh ever so subtly. Hope it wasn’t too painful having to cut her recipe up! x

23 12 2009

Hi Likkle Girl – thank you for your lovely comment on my pieces! They were a labour of love (and determination!) in many ways. I was fairly nervous cutting up the recipe, but only because I had no ‘fall-back’ if I made a mistake. Though I did scan the recipe first, to keep a record of her gorgeous writing intact, and of course the recipe. Will you be publishing a photo of your work on your blog?

23 12 2009
the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things

You’re welcome, Karen!

Ooooh, I would have been nervous too! With such precious material – the original recipe.

I will put some photos up after the exhibition ends. On my “work” blog: theempressdowagersnewjewels.blogspot.com. x

3 02 2010

Karen, that jewellery looks SO interesting. Look forward to seeing a piece on you when we have lunch!

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