The 200th post!

18 12 2009

It is my 200th post – hoorah. Again, I share with you one of my own creations.

Below is a paper and fine silver woven ring I made, as one of quite a large group that evolved and developed, in first semester second year.

Note: the image in this post may not be reproduced without permission – this is an exception from the general copyright notice on this blog.

second year, woven ring

second year, woven ring (paper, fine silver)

(Sorry about the image quality – old camera, taken at the time, in 2005)

The project was ‘machinery’ or ‘mechanisation’ from memory… or something similar. I cannot remember now why, but I immediately gravitated towards weaving machinery that proliferated textile production during the age of industrialisation. I recall feeling an affinity with machinery that replaced traditionally female tasks – though later realised that weaving wasn’t necessarily a female-only domain.

In figuring out the technique to use with cloisonné wire, and to avoid wasting metal, I used finely cut paper as a mockup. My teacher at the time really liked the paper and encouraged me to explore the paper idea instead of the all-metal idea I was intent on pursuing.

It turns out I’m pretty stubborn (who knew!) and I kept on with my original idea of all metal components. However, over the month or two I was playing with this project, I tried the paper and metal combination and was won over.

This idea was further developed in later projects I’ll share another time; most especially, my piece for the upcoming ‘Feast‘ exhibition.



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