‘Fine Line’ @ RMIT

2 12 2009

The graduate shows are always worth visiting, and ‘Fine Line‘, the exhibition of honours and 3rd year graduates from RMIT, is no exception. Sadly, I didn’t get to visit it until near the end of its run and it is now closed – super sorry about that! I still think it’s worth writing about, so you can keep an eye out in future for exhibitions involving these students.

I have previously written about Chloe Valance’s work, and being an Honours graduate her lovely work was on show here. The other two honours graduates were Emma Benichou and Mitchel Brannan.  I responded strongly to Mitchel’s work; I believe it has been mentioned here how I do love maps… yes? Mitchel based his larger scale work on a mapping language I liked very much; below.

Mitchel Brannan, 'Predictive Text 1-4 (How to Draw Charts and Diagrams)'; photograph used with artist permission

I was particularly impressed with his installation – pictured below, including small sketches on envelopes on the wall.

Mitchel Brannan, 'Study'; photograph used with artist permission

There were around twenty artists participating in the 3rd year section of the exhibition. The standouts for me were: Kevin Maxwell’s pencil drawings (not as superfluous a description as you might think, as I’ll explain shortly) and the beautiful faces of Anastasia Wiltshire.

I had made notes on a copy of the works list, then I picked up a second copy (getting a bit confused between the honour and 3rd year rooms) and when I realised I had done that, I put one down, which it turned out was the wrong copy to give away. So someone visiting the exhibition after me may have wandered around with a scribbled works list! Therefore I can only figure out a few of the ones I particularly liked; while there were others I enjoyed, I cannot now link the image in my mind to the names and descriptions on the un-scribbled list I took home. Unfortunate really.

What was a surprise, at least to me, was the diversity of work being done in the ‘drawing’ department. There were video works, oils on canvas, installation rooms, sculpture, digital prints, alongside the ink and graphite and pastel drawings. My gallery-visiting friend mentioned that she was aware that the drawing department is indeed quite broad in their approach to artistic expression and exploration, and it was evidenced in this exhibition.

While acknowledging the importance and value of free expression, I have to say that I was a little sad that there weren’t more examples of ‘traditional’ (for want of a better word) drawing. I have a special soft-spot for pencil and charcoal drawings, which I was hoping to indulge at this exhibition; I could to some extent, for which I was glad, but not quite as much as I was looking forward to.

This show was also written about by The Design Files [here]; and there are some images on RMIT news site [here].

Fine Line‘ was at RMIT, Building 4, from 18th – 26th November 2009.



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2 12 2009
Brian Duey

I’ve never heard of Kevin Maxwell before but I’d love to see some of his work if he does pencil drawings. Sounds like the show was pretty good 🙂

2 12 2009

Hi Brian
I couldn’t find a site or blog for Kevin on my initial search, but after your comment I tried again – I found the following link to his ArtReview artist profile: http://www.artreview.com/profile/KevinMaxwell
However none of the images here look like the ones I thought were his at the exhibition… so I hope I haven’t led you astray!

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