‘Cornucopia’ @ Guildford Lane Gallery

23 11 2009

Following on from the 1st and 2nd year show is the exhibition of the graduating group from RMIT Gold & Silversmithing: ‘Cornucopia‘ at Guildford Lane Gallery.

installation view

Participating exhibitors are (in alphabetical order):

  • Helen Bowman
  • Michaela Bruton*
  • Catherine Da Costa
  • Emi Fukuda
  • Sam Horstman* [kit and caboodle]; the cuffs/bracelets are stunning and well developed
  • Naoko Inuzuka; I really liked the enamelling used in the four brooches; and my favourite piece in the whole show is ‘Water Drop’ vessel – such fantastic soldering technique and patience must have been required for this!
  • Claire McArdle
  • Suzi Kyriakidis [site]; I liked the brooches referencing mapping
  • Victoria Mathews
  • Victoria Purves
  • Fiona Simmons
  • Roxanne Watts [site]
  • Rochelle Woods
  • Charles Wyatt [site]; the untitled brooch (item #15) is fabulous

Michaela and Sam (marked with *) were also in the It’s Got Legs‘ exhibition earlier in the year, therefore I expect they’re graduating from Honours perhaps, not the bachelor degree?

installation view

I notice there was not as much obvious colour as there was in the 1st/2nd year exhibition; but it does exist in many works in more subtle ways. Further, there isn’t the same proliferation of gems. However, in Robert Baines’s introduction in the accompanying book/catalogue, he states “When viewing the work of RMIT Gold and Silversmithing students there is always evidence of gems but this precious material sits along preciously crafted galvanised steel, plastic, enamel, porcelain and rubber.

The gallery is set up beautifully for this exhibition and the lighting is great. Due to the space, each exhibitor is able to present quite a number of their works, which is always fantastic to see.

The book for the exhibition is impressive too; with each artist having four pages for their work (bit jealous!). Though I do notice that there are no essays this time – interesting? And after the last four years using the same basic image (of the back of our beloved building 2), each year adding their mark of individuality (eg. selectively coloured, black embossed), this year has moved on from that series and have used a square format with a cover image of a collection of everyone’s work. I liked the idea of the series, but I do admit that the series (of which my year was the second to use) had probably reached the end of its time and it was time to develop a new look. Besides that, the back of building 2 no longer looks the way it does in the image with the crazy renovations that are still in progress.

There are some truly wonderful pieces here, and I look forward to seeing how these emerging jewellers make their way in the coming years. Congratulations!

Cornucopia‘ is at Guildford Lane Gallery until 26th November 2009.



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