‘A Key to Help Make Your Own World Visible’ @ Craft Victoria

18 11 2009

Craft Victoria has three fabulous exhibitions running at the moment. I visited last week and will write about the jewellery exhibition shortly, but would love to share with you the gorgeousness that is A Key to Help Make Your Own World Visible‘ by Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison.


photograph taken with permission

There are watercolours, four-colour lithograph offset prints and artist books. For me though, the most lovely pieces are the ‘collaged books’ – old postcard books that have been drawn and pasted on to create fabulous artworks. Seriously wonderful!


photograph taken with permission

Exhibition text: “In Der Steppenwolf the ‘Magic Theatre’ is a hallucinatory, parallel world controlled by saxophone player, Pablo: “I can throw open to you no picture-gallery but your own soul,” he tells the suffering protagonist Harry, “All I can give you is the opportunity, the impulse, the key. I help you to make your own world visible. That is all.” Taking its cue from Hesse’s surrealistic landscape, A Key to Help Make Your Own World Visible presents a series of hidden interior topographies; worlds existing somewhere between the pain and beauty of things past.

I enjoyed the quiet quirk in this exhibition very much. It has also been reviewed by VettiLiveInNorthcote (I know, another one!) and Melbourne Art Review among many; it was also covered on ABC Sunday Arts in mid-October, there’s an interview on InsideOut; and also check out the Elsewhere blog by Louise Jennison too (with some great installation photographs); and of course look at the Craft Vic blog.

A Key to Help Make Your Own World Visible’ is at Craft Victoria until 28th November 2009.



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19 11 2009

Happy to weave chance path here and find you enjoyed our show currently at Craft Victoria. Thank you for the kind words in regard to our work, and, in particular, to my collaged books. I look forward to seeing your photos of Karin’s delights in gallery three.

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