Bodmin Moor on Time Team

13 11 2009

I have a special love for Time Team.
It’s true, it’s a bit daggy, and I don’t mind who knows it!

For the uninitiated, Time Team is a Channel 4 production (England), running since 1994, in which a ‘a team of specialists carry out an archaeological dig in three days‘. I once wanted to be an archeologist and I sometimes think about going on one of those digging holidays to some random spot in the Middle East where all the interesting archeology is under the sand…

A friend of mine often records episodes for me (it runs on the ABC here). One of my most favourite is the 13th episode of the 2007 season, for the detail-oriented reader. It is about Bodmin Moor.

I am especially enamored with the outline they show of the layout of the village stone houses. I couldn’t figure out a way to do a screen-capture (due to some technological thingy), so instead paused the show on my laptop and traced over the image with a pencil (very softly, no computer screen was harmed).


hand-drawn map of Bodmin Moor

It’s just so beautiful and evocative.

I think it lends itself to representation in object / jewellery / personal ornament, but the exact expression hasn’t quite come to me yet…



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13 11 2009
Melissa Cameron

I’m glad to find out I’m not the only one! Long live the diggers (esp. Phil), and Tony’s idiosyncratic commentary 😉

13 11 2009

hahahaha Time Team!!!

sorry, medieval post-holes are borax!

we want Gold treasure!

the bubble popped for me one episode, when they found nothing (again) but pinned their hopes on a woven reconstruction of an eel trap but…
didnt catch any eels.
suprise suprise.

Ill stick to Scrapheap Challenge.

13 11 2009
David Neale

that last comment was from me
PS your drawing was nice…

13 11 2009

Thanks David.
I know, I want gold treasure too!
I agree with you about the odd desperate episode (where nothing at all is found) and the ‘living history’ bits – I’d prefer they simply shelve those parts – but I’ll wade through them in the hope of seeing something wonderful.

13 11 2009
David Neale

yes its like we are sifting through the gravely episodes…

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