My jewellery collection #6

2 11 2009

It was third year; I was sad or grumpy, most likely both; my artistic endeavours had hit a roadblock; I really needed a hug. My beautiful friend, Lucy Hearn, spent a little time to make me this brooch that I still hold very dear.

I consider it so precious that I wore it to Lucy’s wedding later that year. Her delight was just gorgeous when she had a moment to slow down from the hurdy-gurdy of her reception and realise what I was wearing!


It’s paper and about 10cm high. Lucy had been experimenting the brightly coloured plastic ‘harma’ beads that have become her signature. This is a black-and-white photocopy of highly-coloured plastic bead construction; the little round sticker is flourescent, which isn’t obvious in the above scan.

Lucy exhibited some necklaces of similar construction in our graduate exhibition ‘Out of the Basement‘ in 2006 (under her maiden name, Blackmore). In fact, at a recent exhibition opening I noted a well-known collector wearing the long hot pink necklace that was on display in that exhibition!

Lucy has had some fantastic success in the few years since graduating – I hope to write more about her in a future artist profile. In the meantime though, have a look at some of her work: e.g.etal, Studio Ingot, Craft Vic, and here (be sure to click on the gallery button).

Thank you lovely Lucy!

… last post on my jewellery collection #5

Update (8th February 2010): photographs published with artist permission



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