Seeking my enamel brooches

23 10 2009

In the inaugural post on my jewellery collection, I mentioned the ‘weird stealing people’ who took away much of my jewellery collection. They not only took the jewellery that had been given to me, but all I had made at the Goldsmith School (which I’ll share more about in the future) and the below brooches I made in my first semester first year.

amended copyright notice: image not to be reproduced without permission

amended copyright notice: image not to be reproduced without permission

I’ve mentioned before how much I loved enamelling, and these were my first cloisonne brooches. I enjoyed the making process so very much. There isn’t a whole lot of conceptualisation behind these; the front-face design came from an exploration of circle geometry; and I liked the idea of the progressive colouring (from memory they’re either 40 or 50mm in diameter).

At the end of assessment for first semester, these brooches were selected by the staff to put on display, alongside other selected enamel pieces from the class. So they were not at my home when I took photographs to document the work from the semester; as such the only image I have of them is the above one briefly taken by a lecturer before they were put on display.

They had been at my home less than a week or two when they were stolen. They were still wrapped in tissue; the thief didn’t even know what they were taking. It made me incredibly sad. It sounds a bit odd, but I almost miss them and wish I had them to wear and feel their weight.

I know they’re probably gone forever – but if you do ever happen to see anyone wearing them, or in a second-hand shop for sale, please please please do what you can to get them back to me!!



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6 01 2010
roxanne Watts

Hi Karen,
I love these Cloisone brooches! They are beautiful and very strong in design. I wish you did get to exhibit them,I would of loved to have seen them in person. The horrible person that stole them will get such bad karma indeed!!!!
I also admire the amount of time you must put into this web site.It has great reviews,useful information and good images.I love reading all your updates.
Roxanne Watts

6 01 2010

Thank you Roxanne!

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